April 06, 2011

wednesdays of {whimsy}

It's Wednesday again! And I actually got a crafty post of my own up this week, aren't you so proud of me? I know you just LOVED all the pics of my kid, all of the time. Admit it. So on to awesome Wednesday-ness:

There are a lot of bow holders out there and a lot of ways to do them. But this may just be my new favorite. Ever. See how it's done on A Very Dandoislion Life.

I could probably kiss this woman. Ok, not really, because it would be a bit awkward. But a shower curtain that looks this beautiful and cost FIVE BUCKS? Done. Really. I'm going to the dollar store as we speak. Head on over to See Kate Sew to check it out.

I really like how simple this skirt was to make... meaning I could probably do it. Maybe. I would love a skirt like this. Also legs that look like that to go with it. Just a thought. Sigh...my daughter better be grateful for what my body went through to get her here. (*snicker)  Find out how to make this lovely romantic skirt at dame*design*studio.

Be sure to grab a featured button and thanks for your amazing ideas! If you have a tutorial you'd like featured, email me at rosyredbuttons@gmail.com. Enjoy your Wednesday!


DandoisLion DeLights said...

Thank you for featuring my hair stuff holder!!! You made my day! And I'm in love with that shower curtain, big time.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for featuring my lace skirt! You made me :) today!!

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