April 22, 2011

point of {view} SPRING!

Can't believe another month has flown by! Here are our 'Points of View' for SPRING!!

#1- Darling window art from Michelle at A Little Tipsy
#2- A school countdown calender from Camilla at Rosy Red Buttons (me!)
#3- Cute vintage hoop art  from Gwen at Gwenny Penny
 #4 Amazing bird nest frame from Stacy at Not JUST a Housewife
#5- Happy and fun Candle holder from Jonie at Just Between Friends
#6- DIY flower decor  from Amy at Ameroonie Designs

Such great projects, go check them out and tell us what you think! Now on to mine:
When I was younger, we ALWAYS made paper chains about 30 days before school ended. We would pin them to the wall and then rip them off as the days counted down. It was the best ever, mostly because summer was coming. I thought a more permanent advent calender would be super fun to make with and for your kids. The best part is that this advent calender can be interchanged with the holidays! Or the family vacations! Or the day you get to be an empty nester! I know how I was as a teenager, it's ok to feel like that. ;)

 I first found a board from the 'as is' section at IKEA for $1.50. I was shopping with Jonie from Just Between Friends and we came across a pair. Months ago. I think I was still pregnant.
 I knew I wanted 30 countdown days so I measured the board and made small marks where the nails would go.
 I used small nails and nailed them into the board.
 Then I went to walmart and picked up some magnetic tape and garage sale labels. The labels are in the office department, the tape in the crafts.
 Then I awarded myself the 'Mother of the Year' award as my poor neglected baby fed herself and I crafted. At least she's learned to hold the bottle alone, that's teaching right?? Right??
 I left a space on the top of the board for the interchangeable holiday sign. You can make the board vertical or horizontal or square, really whatever you want works. I added the magnetic strips to the board.
 Then I put them on the little sign so it would stick.
To dress up the labels I used a flower punch I bought at Joann's with a 50% off coupon. I got the scrapbook paper at Sam's Club. I just glued the flowers to the front of the labels so they are hidden.
 On the back of the labels I wrote what I assume might be good things for kids school age. I don't really know, and that was WAY too long ago for me to remember what I liked back then. It gives them a fun treat each day, much like an advent calender for Christmas would be.
 I'm sure at this point all you vinyl machine owners could whip out some vinyl numbers. I'm not that cool, so I just printed them on the computer and cut them out ghetto style. It's how we roll.
And voila! After some cutting and gluing, you have a simple, cheap advent calender you can switch out!
 I plan to make other 'hangies' and signs for the holidays when my kids are older. Who am I kidding, my husband has already asked me to. For him. In fact this calender will be used a little because guess who's graduating?

 This guy.
Yep the hubbie's graduating with his BS in Business Management in a few weeks. Wahoo! Just in time to start his masters in the fall. Sigh....

Come back and tell me if you make your own advent calender! I love to see your projects. And as always, I love your comments and followings. I'm pretty sure that last one isn't even a word.

Are you ready to link up your spring projects?? Awesome! Head on over to A Little Tipsy for the linky party! Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend!

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Amy at Ameroonie Designs said...

Camilla- this project is absolutely BRILLIANT!! I love it! and I love that you made it interchangeable so you can make any different countdown you want. I think mine will be "Back to School" this summer. ;)

Gwen @ Gwenny Penny said...

There are so many things I love about this project, Camilla. I love that you can change out the top for an occasion, but the treat tags on the back are what got me. Brilliant.

Stacy Risenmay said...

I love this idea! And I am pretty sure my kids would too :) So fun!

Jonie Marie said...

I love the way you used your board. I still have no idea of what to do with mine.....oh wait....maybe I do now :) It is such a fun idea.

Unknown said...

Love that it is interchangeable! Let's not reinvent the wheel and have a gazillion different countdowns that we have to store! Great job! I need to check out the as is section.

Melina said...

Love this Camilla! I may have to try to get crafty for my kids. Thanks for sharing!

Sharon said...

What a great Idea! My boys will love this! I'll have to make this. :)

SJ @ Homemaker On A Dime said...

Hi, friend! I'm admiring all your creative projects here so can you please share them with us at the Creative Bloggers' Party & Hop? I hope to see you there at the party :)

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