December 29, 2011

oh {laws}

I'm giving up even apologizing, because I already know I'm super lame. :) So I've missed you all! Thanks for all your support, and I promise that once the new year is in swing, I will have some fun projects. Until then, enjoy this delicious Ryan G crafting image. ;) 

Have a wonderful Thursday! 

October 28, 2011

point of view {BURLAP}!!

It's time for POV! And I LOVE the theme this month BURLAP, and there are some fun projects out there, so check them out here:

Easy ruffled DIY canvas from Camilla at Rosy Red Buttons (you are here!)
Darling burlap art from Leanne at Organize and Decorate Everything
Great gift embellishment from Michelle at A Little Tipsy
Cute burlap flower bag from Amy at Ameroonie Designs
Seriously awesome burlap turkey at Gwenny Penny
Wonderful subway art table runner from Angie at The Country Chic Cottage

On to my project....

Ruffled Burlap Canvas!! 
So super easy and it makes a fun and unique display in your home.

 Recently I have started a home studio for my company CioCo Photography. In the process of doing said studio, I knew I needed to have some of my work displayed, but I wanted it done in a less traditional way than I've seen. So I had some images printed off in 8x10's. You can do whatever size you want really. I then went to Walmart and bought different varieties of canvas- some stretched, some just the straight.
 On the stretched ones I just painted the sides. The staples look uber ghetto, but they work. I could have taken more time and really cared about them, but I am just not that kind of girl. So ghetto they are.
 I adhered the images to the canvas with mod podge on the back, and after it dried I put it on the front as well to give it a matte look. I then spread them out to dry.
 For my newborn canvas', I got 16x20 stretched canvas' and then just mod podged the back of the picture to the canvas to give it a clean look. I put them up on the wall, but decided the straight out staples were a little too ghetto, even for me. I didn't want to paint them. So I though, I love ruffles, and I love burlap, so voila, a project was born. 
 I cut strips of burlap to go around the frame from scraps I already had. I suppose you could buy burlap to make it long enough so that you just have one strip (less ghetto) but I was going cheap.
 I then started hot gluing the burlap around the canvas, gathering and gluing as I did. No sewing required. Then when my husband got done playing starcraft doing his masters homework, he came to help. I took this picture to have proof that he did. I didn't realize the flash was pointed right at his face until I saw this:
 And then had to take a picture because I'm kind of a sadist I thought it was a little funny. 
 And here she is. Yes, all these photos have been awful because it was night and flash was required. 
 So here is the other canvas all by its lonesome in the early morning. It will be the next one once I go find some more burlap.
 Aw, doesn't she look tons better? It will look great once the other is up also. The whole studio is kind of cremes and natural tones and textures. 
And here are the others. My little is on the left, I can't believe how big she is getting! For the flat canvas' I just hot glued some hemp string on the back on each corner to hang. Hemp is kind of technically just strands of burlap, so it works right? Awesome.

So go make your own little burlap wonder! And when you do, link it up HERE! Or have a burlap project made and you want to show it off? LINKY PARTY is HEREERERERERE. Really go link up, I'm super excited. ;) 

October 26, 2011

a photo {giveaway}!!

Oh boy, I'm the worst. I know it. You know it. But the good news is there is a light at the end of the tunnel and I'm almost finished packing in the last photo sessions. And to celebrate that, plus the recent 800 fans I now have on facebook, CioCo introduces:

To enter the giveaway: GO HERE.

Not required, but you would be awesome: Like CioCo's facebook page here. 

Remember, the more entries the better your chances! I'm happy to give one or THREE sessions away. :) So share with your friends through email and Facebook or twitter, directing them to this giveaway. I'll love you forever! Most likely. Have a great day! I hope you win!

Giveaway Ends 10/30/11. Winner will be drawn randomly. Well a computer will do it, I'm not into cutting up little pieces of paper and putting them in a hat and such.

And from my most recent session in the studio:

Yep, my own little is now 9 months old. Yikes! Where does the time go! 
So go enter and win a session for your little ones! (Mini sessions are also good for a family of 4-5)

September 27, 2011

point of view {fall} featured!

Hope you all had an amazing weekend! Thanks to everyone who linked up over at the link party for Fall POV! You are all awesome and there were so many fun projects. Loved the patchwork mug rugs from Living My Sweet Life. Seriously so cute! Go check them out, they are awesome.

Thanks again to everyone, have a great Tuesday! 

September 23, 2011

point of view {FALL}!!

Oh hey! It's me! Remember me?! No? Oh.... *awkwardly walks away*

It's time for POV! I love this time of year and wish Fall would SLOW down because here in Utah it doesn't last long. The theme this month is FALL and there are some awesome projects so check them out! 

Easy ruffled leaf headband from Camilla at Rosy Red Buttons (you are here!)
Awesome silhouette art from Leanne at Organize and Decorate Everything
Beautiful candy apples from Michelle at A Little Tipsy
So cute bead board pumpkins from Amy at Ameroonie Designs
A fall porch design from Jonie at Just Between Friends
Darling wall decor from Stephanie at Always Just a Mom
Delicious and beautiful cookies at Gwenny Penny

I had a lot of fun with my project this month. I love the boho look that is going around and I love fall, so combining the two was just WONDERFUL. (creepy emphasis included)
I saw a crocheted headband a while back that had leafs one after another in it. I liked it, but thought it would be so much cuter if it had some dimension and pattern to it. So I picked out some materials I had in my stock and got to work. 

 I didn't pick traditional fall colors because I wanted something a bit different for the leaves. I picked a vintage floral fabric and a dark brown floral fabric. Both were on clearance at Walmart. I stop by that isle every time I'm in there because chances are there will be something great. Walmart really doesn't know whats awesome, so they put it on clearance. I cut a leaf pattern out of it...double sided. Originally I was going to sew the two pieces together wrong sides and flip them right side out. You can do that, but I wanted a more unfinished look to the edges when they wear a bit. 
 Sew a basting stitch through the middle and then gather with bobbin thread. My first one I didn't back stitch at all, but I found it easier to gather them if I back stiched at the top and then left it open to gather at the bottom. 
 Sew the ruffle into the leaf permanently, back stitching at both ends now. 
 And here you have some very lovely ruffled leaves. 
 I had some cream elastic lying around so I measured it around my own head. I pride myself for having a very average head. Sew the ends, back stiching. I sewed over the end three times to be sure it stays. 
 Now cut a rectangle out of felt and arrange your leaves how you would like them to look. I then sewed the stem end of each 'leaf' to the felt. I left the other end hanging so it would have a bit of movement in it. 
 At this point you can glue your felt and leaves to the headband, but I wanted mine to be interchangeable. So I pulled out a clip from some I got at Hobby Lobby and clipped a small piece of felt.  (On a side note, you know what I love about blurred backgrounds? It makes clutter look beautiful. I wish my whole house could be seen through a lens...)
 I then glued the entire back of the felt and clip...
 ...and pressed that into the felt backing the leaves. Technically you can do this straight onto the headband, but I wanted it to be interchangeable. 
 And Voila! Clip it to the headband and you're done. You can make other colors if you glue them to clips and use the same headband. 
 Your next step is to head on over to your darling neighbors house because heaven knows she looks way better in the morning than I do. ;) Big thanks to K for humoring me. :) The great thing about the headband is it can be boho chic...
 ...or only a hair clip...
 ...or a normal headband! 

So go make your own! And link them back! I'd love to see them.

And are you ready for the link party?? Tell your friends to join! The theme is FALL and any project under that category or mildly pushing the lines of that category goes. :)

Go LINK UP at Gwenny Penny HERE. Can't wait to see your projects!

And come back for the features next week. Have a great weekend!! 

August 26, 2011

point of view {BACK TO SCHOOL}!!

Gwen at Gwenny Penny

Camilla at Rosy Red Buttons (you are here!)
Michelle at A Little Tipsy

What is this? An actual craft project? Seriously? I know I'm a slacker. BUT super excited for POV! I'm not going to lie, I struggled with the theme this month. I don't have any kids school age. I do have one husband who is returning to school this fall for his Masters, (holla) but I didn't think teaching how to make a big steak dinner was a good way to coordinate for the 'back to school' theme. Then I remembered I had friends who taught school, and how much they would love a little gift. So instead I enlisted the help of my awesome graphic designer friend Annie, aka Hairy Shoe Fairy (not hairy, not a shoe) to help me come up with something incredible in the tag department. Because hey, who doesn't love gifts? So Annie did not disappoint. Look how cute it is:

And because if I were a teacher, I would want chocolates over apples any day. (Hazelnut Chocolate bar from IKEA for about $.99, cheaper if you buy more than one)

Head on over to Hairy Shoe Fairy HERE to get your free printable tag!! Thanks again Annie!

And head on over to A Little Tipsy here to link up your Back to School project.

Have a great weekend!! 

August 12, 2011

Yes, it's been a month over a month since my last post. And yes, I'm the biggest slacker. Kind of...
And yes, this post isn't necessarily crafty. But read it anyway or you can't leave my blog. Serious...the browser won't let you. Maybe.

I seriously don't know how other blogger moms and professionals do it. I seem to be drowning in my 'to do' list, and I feel seriously lame that I can't keep up with the things I used to. I have cut back permanently on my wedding shoots, sure that would give me extra time. It hasn't. Yet.

I guess my question is how do you do it? I want to do EVERYTHING but can't seem to find the time for anything. I feel guilty if I spend too much time on the computer; I feel like I am not spending enough time nurturing my daughter.

Button has this sort of squishy face that she has begun to use, which at times is hilarious and at times is kind of gargoyle looking. 

Yep, that's the one.

I assumed she got it from my husband, but I looked in the mirror when she and I were playing in front of it laughing, and realized the face came from me. Rather than be depressed that I suddenly realized I looked like a 1st century statue while happy, I was really overjoyed that something I did was rubbing off on her. Then I was kind of panicked that some of my other less desirable personality traits might be being absorbed. I've since made sure that I control myself when I have sudden urges to be crazy. I am fearful of the day that she can talk, while I don't swear or anything like that, I'm not sure 'awesome' should be used as every other word.

I realize that I know very little about parenting. Button has already face planted thrice (hard) because apparently she 'moves'. She also thinks its hilarious to spit out every bit of pureed food that makes it into her mouth, all over me. She thinks its hilarious because rather than stopping her, I can't stop myself from laughing. She has been taught to raise one eyebrow in a 'How YOU doin' sort of manner. Because it's funny. She gets left at the in laws from time to time because I think taking a baby on vacation or to necessary gatherings is equivalent to pushing bamboo shoots up my fingernails. She is in a diaper most of the day, and usually doesn't get dressed unless its completely necessary we go somewhere. In fact, that kind of goes for me too. Minus the diaper.

BUT, she knows she's loved. And she is. More than I can even express. I never thought motherhood would be like it is. I never thought I'd ever grow so attached to something so gross at times. I never thought a simple giggle could make me happier than an all inclusive trip to the Bahamas. I never thought I could miss something so little so much when I'm away. I never thought that I'd be content laying on my stomach blowing raspberries on hers. I never though I could even do it: be a mother.

But I am. And while I epically fail so many times, the important thing is that I just keep going. I may never do anything perfectly, but I'm perfect at attempting. I look up to so many women who have done so much- many who are stay at home moms, many who are work at home or outside of home moms, many who aren't 'moms' at all. I think that whatever we can or can't do doesn't define us. I believe that it's who we are, who we are attempting to be that does.

 I know that there are many trials or problems that we have to overcome, many things that maybe we feel like we can't. Sometimes we feel judged, sometimes we feel overwhelmed, sometimes we feel like we are on top of everything one day and the next we fall off the wagon.

Regardless of who you are or what you aren't, know that you are loved. By family, by friends, but most importantly by God. You are important, no matter how low you feel at times.

Anyways, forgive my ramblings. And forgive my lack of creative blogging. I promise I have been working on things.....ish. I recently redecorated and 'flipped' my parents camper (heck yea baby), made a bajillion headbands for Newborn shoots, and have recently been trying to sew, like really sew. Now that my business is slowing down, I'll finally be able to really start blogging again. So stay tuned! hahaha, please? 

Until then here are some squishy and oh so adorable newborns (and headbands) to keep you company. 

 Sigh...Love this image. Loose rolled flower with pearl center and feathers out the back, super easy! Maybe I should write some tutorials for these...
 She is so gorgeous.... diaper cover from Sweet Kiwi Crochet
 I found these little wedding flowers at Hobby Lobby for $.08 a bunch. On clearance. Seriously eight cents. So I clipped them off the stems and glued them to a felt circle with craft pearls in the spaces. 
 Headband made of dollar store flowers you can buy in bunches at the dollar store, just take the flower of the wire and reassemble with hot glue. Craft pearl in the middle. 
 Headband made of layered flower and feathers. Simple tutorial for the flower is here
 Love him...
 Got these newborn cheesecloth wraps from MomMe Designs
 Hat by Sweet Kiwi Crochet. LOVE.
 I got six of these chairs for $15 at a yard sale. Boo ya. We weren't planning on a new dining set, but I guess we are now! We found a table we want to build at, so I'm excited to get the before and after's up, since we will be refinishing the chairs. 
The link on how to do this rolled flower is over at Tatertots and Jello, but now I can't find it. Meh. Added some netting as well.

Hope your weekend is fabulous! If you want to hang out over at pinterest, I'm here. If you want to see my fun photo shoots those are here. Hit me up if you have any questions, photography is...awesome. ;) 

July 07, 2011

family {pictures}

 Where is the summer going?? I wish it would slow down or just be summer...forever. Except for the heat. I hate the heat. And when did my newborn become a certified baby? Oh time, please stop. 

Hope you are enjoying your fabulous summer! I for one am, hence the extreme lack of blogging. Yep, I'm a slacker, but I already knew this. :) 

June 28, 2011

point of view {shelves} featured!

Luh- UV this pantry redo by Seven Sisters. The patterns and roses make it all vintagey and delicious, while the accessories are just perfect. Off to redo me some pantry...

Thanks to everyone who linked up! If you want to be a part of POV as a guest, please email me at We'd love to have you! 
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