February 25, 2011

Friday {Flip}

I am SO excited to have Kristyn with Good Gravy Crafts here today! She has such a fabulous blog and SO many good ideas. You should totally check it out! Here she is:
Happy Friday Rosy Red Readers! I am so happy to be here on fabulous Camilla's blog. I was so honored when she emailed me to do a switcheroo! I am Kristyn from Good Gravy Crafts, I know silly name but it's got meaning but it has nothing to do with turkey or sauce (for the Italians out there or my friend Jenny).
It's from an expression my hubby's cousin uses, whenever she would say it I would chuckle. Now here I am a few years in the blogging world and I have yet to really get myself out there. I am looking forward to "meeting" new bloggy friends and finding inspiration along the way.

Today I am showing you all something brand new....my hubby calls it the "Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego Wreath". Do you remember that show?

He does not always "get" what I am doing when I come in the house with things like a 1963 Atlas from the thrift store but I assure him "it's going to be good, don't worry!" He shakes his head and walks away, ha!

Here it is!
My version of a Sunburst Mirror incorporating the Book Wreath that everyone has so wonderfully been making lately.

I love that I happened to get the New England States showing, we are in cold MA!!! It's on our dining room wall and as much he makes fun...I think the hubster loves it. I know my Little Lady is proud, whenever people come over she says, "Wanna see the BIGGEST sun my Mom ever made?"

It was pretty easy to do and I am thinking I may through together a tutorial soon. Now I just have to find something to put on the other wall!

Camilla...thanks so much for hosting me, I look forward to having some Rosy Red Button readers stop by the Good Gravy!

Hope everyone has a great weekend, I am off to go dog sledding! Can't wait!
Thanks for being here Kristyn! LOVE that wreath! Be sure to check out her blog here and follow along in her crafting adventures. :) Thanks again!

February 23, 2011

wednesdays of {whimsy}

Love love this Crochet Ring Necklace from Little Treasures. I can't crochet to save my life, but I at least like to look at it! :) Such a great idea.
This sweet Rag Rug from Shabby Soul is just great. I looked forever for a rug for the nursery, but since my colors are pretty specific I found nothing that would work. I may just be making this. Love her color choice!
So when skinny jeans became popular again I resisted. Mostly because I was living in South America at the time and all the kids wearing them were a bunch of little punks. :) Coming back to the states I was surprised to find it had caught hold for all people, not just emo's. I am not a size 2, or anywhere close, *cough* so I waited. Then finally I bought a pair. And I LOVED them. So did my husband. Finding the right kind of jean to fit is hard, so this Tutorial from I'm Topsy Turvy is genius. Can't wait to try it!

Be sure to grab a featured button, cuz you're awesome! If you have a great idea or project you want featured, email me at rosyredbuttons@gmail.com. Have a great Wednesday!


February 18, 2011

Friday {Flip}

So excited to have Allison with Fab Rehab Creations here today! Allison has a super fun blog full of AWESOME thrift store finds, and I love me some thrift store. She is also a totally fun person and its been fun to get to know her, so bonus! :) SO jealous of her sideboard...here she is!
Hello Rosy Red Buttons Followers, Friends and Readers! An extra special thank you to Camilla here at RRB for inviting me over to her lovely abode!
I’m Allison…new blogger, fun-loving mom of 3 boys, occupational therapist and now, thrifty furniture rehabber (is "rehabber" a word?). I'm the one with hair ;)
Although I’m fairly new to Blogland, I am having a blast meeting new friends and checking out gobs of fun and fabulous projects ! I started up the Fab Rehab Creations blog in September 2010 after I fell.in.love with painting, rehabbing and upcycling furniture. I’ve been known to hit up Goodwill and other thrift shops more than once a week “just to check” and see if anything is new… my husband thinks I have an addiction, but because I rarely spend more than $15 for a piece of furniture, he can’t complain too much. Here are a few of my favorite projects:
My "New" Kitchen Table

My first dresser (I heart dressers):
My thriftiest find yet...my beloved $5.00 sideboard

And finally, this little side table:

I have more posts full of thrifty furniture turned fabulous. If you like what you've seen here, head on over to my blog and join the fun! Would love to have you!
Thanks again for being here Allison! Be sure to head on over to Allison's blog Fab Rehab Creations and follow along!

February 17, 2011

{photography} here

So if I introduce myself as a sponsor, is that like shameless self promotion? Probably... :) As many of you have probably gathered, I own CioCo Photography that specializes in weddings. I LOVE photography and getting to know people, and my portrait work allows me to do that. Win, win! (It also explains the ridiculous amount of photos I already have of my daughter) ;)

I am resuming work from Maternity Leave in March and would love to photograph you or your family if you live near or close to the Salt Lake City area. I am also available for travel for weddings. I have one opening left in March, and two in April. Check out my website here, and if you mention this post when booking you will recieve 10% off! Thanks for looking!


February 16, 2011

happy {wednesday}

Hope you're having a great Wednesday! I am, hanging out with this girl. :)

And for your viewing pleasure:

These commercials make me laugh...probably more than I should. Happy Wednesday!

February 15, 2011

pretty {things}

So excited to introduce our newest sponsor Mine for the Making! Kara has a beautiful little etsy shop full of lots of pretty things, like:
This darling Felt Bow. I seriously LOVE felt right now.
This beautiful turquoise and red rosette clip. These colors are so great together.

This darling pink vintage fabric clip. Love.

Kara's shop is darling, so be sure to check it out. She has awesome prices, and what women/girl in your life wouldn't just love a cute hair accessory for a gift, whether it be birthday or just because they are awesome. :) Be sure to head over here!

February 11, 2011

Friday {Flip}

Hi All! I know I have been MIA for a bit, which probably won't improve TOO much over the next bit because the wee one has reflux, but I do have some fun, easy projects in the works, so I'll get them up soon! Today though I am so excited to introduce you to Dominique of Craft Couture. I love her blog! Lots of fun giveaways and a great link party, so be sure to check her out! Plus she is super sweet, who doesn't love that? ;) Take it away Dominique!

Hi to all Rosy Red Buttons friends.

My name is Dominique, I'm here today from Craft Couture
& oh so very excited about it. Camilla was so brave awesome 
for letting me come over to her blog today. 
So here is a little bit about me & my blog...
My wonderful Husband (best hubby ever) & I have
been married for three years this coming April. 
I'm a stay at home mom to our little girl, she is our world. 
She will be two this May which I can't believe. 
My obsession passion is singing just throwing that in there lol. 
I started my blog, Craft Couture in January of this year, so last month. 
I love doing crafts, anywhere from scrapbooking to sewing. I wanted to share them with people along with everyday things 
& my life as a first time mommy.
 Here are a few of my favorite projects from my blog so far...
It's so handy & oh so cute.

very easy & fun to make.

 so cute & very useful

Sewing Machine Cover Tutorial
keeps those little fingers dust from your machine while it's out

Okay I think that will do :).
I also sell little girl boutique items in a local craft store. 
I'm working on opening up a store online. 
I'm also adding things for women so if you visit 
my blog keep an eye out for that. 
I've only had my blog for a month but I'm loving it. 
So come on over to hear about everyday things & my first time mommy adventures with some crafts thrown in, even follow me if you like. 
Hope to see you there, at Craft Couture. Thanks again to Camilla for letting me take over her blog today, she's awesome along with her projects.
Have a wonderful day!

Thanks so much for being here Dominique! Follow along with her here, and be sure to say hello! Have an awesome weekend!

February 07, 2011

monday {monday}

Just a reminder to go over to Sew Dang Cute Crafts and vote for your favorite baby project in round three! So many awesome ones, especially one where she took a queen sized bed frame and converted it into a nursing station/oversized toddler bed. Be sure to vote here!!

February 04, 2011

Friday {Flip}

Happy Friday! I am so excited to introduce you to Kara from Mine for the Making. I just love her blog site! She has SO many good ideas and fun things going on, so be sure to check her out!

Hello there Rosy Red Buttons readers! I am so excited to be here today. Big thanks to Camilla for having me : )

My name is Kara and blog over at Mine for the Making.

MFTM is my little spot in blogland where I share tutorials, recipes, home renovation projects, and little bits of our family life. I love me a good garage sale or thrift store find and I am a HUGE fan of dollar store crafting and up-cycling old into new. I am learning how to cook and bake and love to share recipes as I go. I am a beginner sew-er and I love to decorate and re-decorate a room. Organization and lists are an absolute must for this busy momma!

I would LOVE for you to stop by Mine for the Making and say hello! You may even want to browse my etsy shop for unique hair accessories.

Thanks for having me over, Camilla! 

Thank you Kara! Kara's blog site is seriously so cute, so go check it out here! Thanks again!

And if you are interested in doing Friday Flip with me, I'd love to have you! Just email me at rosyredbuttons@gmail.com!

February 02, 2011

wednesdays of {whimsy}

This darling arrangement from my awesome sponsor Heather of Everyday Lettering. It's on her personal blog so I won't link over there, but go to her company blog! When you do them like this, the letters are super cheap and you can get and customize your own frames. Just love the rosettes!

Ikea has some not so pretty things, so I love seeing remakes of stuff I can get there, like this awesome votive candle lantern by City Girl gone Coastal. Totally doing this sometime soon, but possibly with elephant silhouettes. Love!

Now I'm not a huge fan of football, but my brothers are. So I grew up playing catch because I had no sisters to play dolls with. Which is kind of a wonder how I only really love girly stuff... ANYWAYS this DIY goal post from My Creative Escapes is such a simple and great idea for all the little boys in your life! I have nephews... so maybe I will make one for them for the summer. Score!
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