December 31, 2010

some {ramblings}

 I saw Jonie had put up some awesome facts about herself inspired by Amy at the Idea Room and Ashley from Little Miss Momma and thought it would be fun to play!

So, if we're going to be bff's here's what you need to know:
1. I am the second of seven children. I married the seventh of seven children. We both have no intention of having seven children. Ever. :)
As a result of being last, Hubby's family is significantly larger than mine. We don't see them all together often, but they're still fun. ;)
Hubby is the only implant thus far in my family. He fits in really well, or maybe my family is just being nice. My family is hilarious. Sometimes I don't know where my brothers get their wit. Parents? Probably.

2. Hubby and I will have our first child to make it through pregnancy in a few weeks.  A little girl who will be spoiled beyond all belief I'm sure. She'll be the first grandchild on my side.

3. Hubby and I met in Logan. He had planned on going to school there till he met me, and we got married within a semester, so there was no need for the transfer.  :) We were also married there.

4. I got my bachelors degree in 2009 from Utah State University in Political Science and Philosophy. What that has to do with crafting and photography? No idea.

5. Oh, I work as a wedding photographer. Good times.

6. I have lived in South America, Washington DC, and Utah. I like them all for different reasons. Utah is great because I actually can park at the store I want to go to. And have a car.

7. I am LDS. My faith is a huge part of who I am, and a huge part of my marriage. It makes me unreasonably happy and helps me through the hard times. :)

8. I have a fascination with gray.

9. I love to read and my shelves are full of books. I am obsessed with  Jane Austen and love Charles Dickens. My wedding dress was even styled after the Austen era. I also enjoy J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis. You will also find the Harry Potter and Hunger Game Series there. I have no intention of reading the Twilight Series. The movies make me be satirically witty. Sorry.

10. I was a Cache County Dairy Princess. Yep. For some reason it was big at the time. And then you win you think you are cool because it comes with a crown, tiara, and lots of parades and appearances. That is, you think you're cool until someone reminds you that you are a cow queen.

11. I once met Ted Kennedy in an elevator. That was awkward. I also worked in the same  building as Obama and saw him in the hall. This was before the whole 'president' thing. There were no secret service.

12. I am a published poet. Yep that's right, published. You'll find my poem wedged in with a bunch of other 7th graders in a nationwide book. I am COOL.

13. Mostly I just love to laugh.

14. I once was involved in a high speed chase, but not with the cops. We were being chased by some neighbors of a house that we had recently toilet papered.

15. I have self diagnosed ADD. And OCD. I can't sit still very long. I also have to have the pillows on the couch perfectly fluffed. My husband will sit on them and then get up just because he thinks its funny. And I can't watch really thought provoking movies before bedtime. Because I won't be able to sleep because I can't stop thinking about them.

16. I'm kind of a nerd.

17. I think Matt Damon is, like, the hottest man on earth. Next to my husband of course.

18. If I was what I wanted to be in the third grade, I would be a zookeeper. Glad that didn't work out.

19.  Kite flying is my favorite sport. Is it a sport? I hope so.

20. I love to meet people. And get to know people. So please leave a comment and tell me about yourself, or put a link to your own post and I will totally come stalk you!! Link up and share the love!

December 30, 2010

2 minute {curtains}

I can't believe its already Thursday. Where does the time go? I missed putting up whimsical Wednesday yesterday, but there were some awesome projects so they'll go up next week. I am almost finished with the nursery which means pictures will be coming soon! Yea! Ok, maybe that's more exciting for me than you but there ya go.
Thanks everyone who has commented on my latest projects, you totally make my day! And to all my new followers, you rock. Today I just wanted to quickly post about the EASIEST curtains you will ever make in your life. Or that have ever been made. Ever.

I bought two twin sheets for my husbands and I's Halloween costumes. We went as Aphrodite and Ares the God of War. Yep, here we are:

Such posers... and my husband will probably KILL me if he knows this is up here. Or be really proud of himself. I can't decide which. We had a picture together, but my husband gets bored like, well, like a 5 year old would and he had his costume off after 2 hours. So I was the only one in costume in the pic, which is lame.

So, ANYWAY, I had these leftover sheets from Halloween and decided they would probably do as panels for the nursery. Most sheets come with a wide casing at the top already so all I did was cut a slit on each side of the casing on the back side so the seam and front stay the same. Just cut the slit wide enough in the casing to go over the curtain rod. Then I just draped extra fabric from another project over the top to give it a slight more feminine look. I wanted the curtains to be white to keep the light fresh in the room. The sheets were $4 a piece at Walmart, which is a hecka ton cheaper than buying real curtains or buying the fabric. Plus I didn't really have to do anything, which is a major plus, and just my style... :)Can't get better than that!

Happy Thursday! Let me know what you think or if you have any questions! And I know that I post a TON of baby related things, so let me know if this helps!

December 27, 2010

ruffled {table} runner

I feel like I'm back from the dead now sitting at my computer. I spent the good part of Christmas night and all of Sunday in bed trying to recover from some sort of flu/food poisoning. It was not choice. The abdominal cramping  got so bad I thought I was contracting for real. What do I know, I've never popped a baby out before. TMI? Probably. It did help my husband and I realize that we are officially not prepared for this baby to come so on the to do list today is putting the hospital bag together and making the flannel receiving blankets to take her home in. Yeesh. Ok, since I know you didn't come for my personal life, I'll get back to crafting.
I finally got to work on the runner for the nightstand in the nursery before Christmas. It was pretty simple to put together and free since I had all the material on hand. I started with a piece of material that runs through the nursery. It was about 12" wide and I'm not sure how long.
I sewed a basting stitch to both sides and gathered them in. Make sure you don't back stitch so that the bobbin thread can be pulled through.
I laid it out so that the piece was how I wanted it to look.
I then took some gray suede that was leftover from this project and cut some strips about 2" wide and about twice as long as the ruffled center piece. I sewed a basting stitch down one side and gathered. Then I laid it out on top of the center pieces and pinned right sides together.
Then just sew over the basting line, removing pins as you go.
When that was finished I flipped it over so that right sides were up. I made sure the seam was flat in the back and did a quick seam over the top so it would lay flat. You could also iron at this point if you don't want the seam on top, but I like the look of the stitch. Plus I don't have that great of a track record with hot pointy metal objects so I avoid them when I can.
Do the same on the other side and your done! Put it wherever you want it to be. Of course.
Pretty simple project and super fast. I didn't finish the other side of the suede as you can tell, I tend to like the look of unfinished suede. Or I'm just lazy. Let me know what you think! Comments (and followers) are most welcome! Have a great Monday!

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The nursery furniture redo's are being featured over at the DIY Showoff! I LOVE this blog, so make sure you check it out!

The DIY Show Off

December 24, 2010

December 22, 2010

wednesdays of {whimsy}

I found some AWESOME projects this week that have gone on the to do list (the one that isn't crucial so mid april it will probably get done)

This beautiful wreath from A Very Dandoislion Life. I am a sucker for wreaths, especially paper wreaths, but don't usually make them if they are seasonal because I think its too much work. :) This could be great all year!

This awesome frame from Lemon Tree Creations. Love it! So cute for a little girl.

And finally, the terrific cookies from Ready, Set, Create. Was I the only kid that thought it was funny Frosty melted just so he would stop singing? Probably. Happy Wednesday!

December 20, 2010

{rosette} lamp shade makeover

My latest project for the nursery! I was inspired by this lamp from pottery barn kids:

However I don't really love silk flowers and I didn't want to invest in quality ones so they didn't look too cheesy. I do love the fabric flowers that have been going around however. There are lots of tutorials, but these flowers from Tatertots and Jello are really easy. I just used hot glue rather than liquid stitch and it worked fine.

I picked three coordinating fabrics. The nursery is a dusty pink, grey and creme color scheme, so I had the fabric on hand from other projects in the works.
I cut them into varying lengths because I wanted to make the flowers different sizes. I folded each strip in half and using the tut above made the flowers.
Then I just glued them onto the shade with hot glue. The shade was part of a lamp I bought at big lots but purchased another shade to go with the base. I kept this around because I loved the shape and knew it would be great for the vintage look I wanted. Wasn't digging the gold ricrac though.
It took a couple hours to cut the strips and roll the flowers, but I kept getting distracted by the episodes of Burn Notice on Hulu I was watching. It will probably take you less time.
I love the gray satin with the cotton fabrics, and the different sizes.
I love how it turned out! Totally ties all the fabrics around into the room. Next up is the curtains and table runner I need to make....someday. I still have four weeks right? Let me know what you think! Comments and (followers) make me so happy!
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December 16, 2010


I'm not here posting, because I'm actually gone celebrating 2 years with the best man EVER. :) See you next week! You are all awesome!

Happy Anniversary Hubs!  Here's to many more!

December 15, 2010

wednesdays of {whimsy}

I have just a few projects on the docket I want to attempt this week that are uber awesome.
 I LOVE these snowflakes from Just Between Friends. She makes them so they can go outside, which rocks.
A frame makeover at the Creative Crate. Love that blog! So I may not be trying this, but  I love it. I just don't have vinyl, or a cutter. Does anyone want to buy me a sillhouette?
I LOVE these. So cute, and fast! Faith, Hope, Love  shows you how to make them.

December 14, 2010

over at {better after}

The dresser and nightstand redo is being featured over at Better After. One of my favorite blogs, well, ever. I promise it will make you laugh and inspire you. Head on over!

December 13, 2010

Over at Ucreate!

The Personal Picture Clocks are being featured over at UCREATE! Such an awesome blog with TONS of great ideas, so check it out!

5 {second} shirt makeover

Ok, so maybe it's not QUITE 5 seconds, but you'll see. :)
 Step One: Find a knit shirt. I choose knit just because I'm lazy  I don't have a lot of time and didn't want to finish the edges. I wasn't loving this one from the downeast outlet clearance store, but saw its potential as a cardigan-ish shirt.
 Step 2: Fold it exactly in half with the front on top.
 Step 3: Cut it. Go ahead.
 Step 4: Carefully cut over any seams.

Step 5: Wear it over whatever you want. I love belts.

See 5 seconds right? Happy cutting!
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