September 07, 2012

Oh Hello!!

So, it's been a while. What have you been up to? 

Nothing? Oh you moved out of your mom's basement? 

Well that's cool ! So.... big gulps huh?

Now that we've gotten the awkward post absence greeting over with, I can blow the dust off this blog and perhaps get back to doing some blogging here and there! 

To explain my absence here is what I've been up to: 

Aren't they scrumptious little babies??? Many of you know that I dabbled in newborn photography for a while, but what I really loved was all the beautiful props and images that resulted. I then decided to use my love of sewing and start to make those props for the images. And it has been a crazy ride! You can find more of what it is here. I have been absolutely blessed to be able to work at home and do something I just love in addition to raising our darling little. (Who is now 19 months! So crazy!)

BUT, we just bought a new home! We'll be renting out our current property, so we'll get to make the transition pretty smoothly. And I get to decorate, and paint, etc, etc all over again! Yay? Yay! 

So I will be posted a lot of before and after as we make our new home into my french country cottage I always wanted. :) 

And to leave you for today with an updated image of my little:

She's giant! hahahah. And little miss sassy pants, but so good and darling as well. We are blessed. Till later! Have a wonderful weekend! 

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