October 28, 2011

point of view {BURLAP}!!

It's time for POV! And I LOVE the theme this month BURLAP, and there are some fun projects out there, so check them out here:

Easy ruffled DIY canvas from Camilla at Rosy Red Buttons (you are here!)
Darling burlap art from Leanne at Organize and Decorate Everything
Great gift embellishment from Michelle at A Little Tipsy
Cute burlap flower bag from Amy at Ameroonie Designs
Seriously awesome burlap turkey at Gwenny Penny
Wonderful subway art table runner from Angie at The Country Chic Cottage

On to my project....

Ruffled Burlap Canvas!! 
So super easy and it makes a fun and unique display in your home.

 Recently I have started a home studio for my company CioCo Photography. In the process of doing said studio, I knew I needed to have some of my work displayed, but I wanted it done in a less traditional way than I've seen. So I had some images printed off in 8x10's. You can do whatever size you want really. I then went to Walmart and bought different varieties of canvas- some stretched, some just the straight.
 On the stretched ones I just painted the sides. The staples look uber ghetto, but they work. I could have taken more time and really cared about them, but I am just not that kind of girl. So ghetto they are.
 I adhered the images to the canvas with mod podge on the back, and after it dried I put it on the front as well to give it a matte look. I then spread them out to dry.
 For my newborn canvas', I got 16x20 stretched canvas' and then just mod podged the back of the picture to the canvas to give it a clean look. I put them up on the wall, but decided the straight out staples were a little too ghetto, even for me. I didn't want to paint them. So I though, I love ruffles, and I love burlap, so voila, a project was born. 
 I cut strips of burlap to go around the frame from scraps I already had. I suppose you could buy burlap to make it long enough so that you just have one strip (less ghetto) but I was going cheap.
 I then started hot gluing the burlap around the canvas, gathering and gluing as I did. No sewing required. Then when my husband got done playing starcraft doing his masters homework, he came to help. I took this picture to have proof that he did. I didn't realize the flash was pointed right at his face until I saw this:
 And then had to take a picture because I'm kind of a sadist I thought it was a little funny. 
 And here she is. Yes, all these photos have been awful because it was night and flash was required. 
 So here is the other canvas all by its lonesome in the early morning. It will be the next one once I go find some more burlap.
 Aw, doesn't she look tons better? It will look great once the other is up also. The whole studio is kind of cremes and natural tones and textures. 
And here are the others. My little is on the left, I can't believe how big she is getting! For the flat canvas' I just hot glued some hemp string on the back on each corner to hang. Hemp is kind of technically just strands of burlap, so it works right? Awesome.

So go make your own little burlap wonder! And when you do, link it up HERE! Or have a burlap project made and you want to show it off? LINKY PARTY is HEREERERERERE. Really go link up, I'm super excited. ;) 

October 26, 2011

a photo {giveaway}!!

Oh boy, I'm the worst. I know it. You know it. But the good news is there is a light at the end of the tunnel and I'm almost finished packing in the last photo sessions. And to celebrate that, plus the recent 800 fans I now have on facebook, CioCo introduces:

To enter the giveaway: GO HERE.

Not required, but you would be awesome: Like CioCo's facebook page here. 

Remember, the more entries the better your chances! I'm happy to give one or THREE sessions away. :) So share with your friends through email and Facebook or twitter, directing them to this giveaway. I'll love you forever! Most likely. Have a great day! I hope you win!

Giveaway Ends 10/30/11. Winner will be drawn randomly. Well a computer will do it, I'm not into cutting up little pieces of paper and putting them in a hat and such.

And from my most recent session in the studio:

Yep, my own little is now 9 months old. Yikes! Where does the time go! 
So go enter and win a session for your little ones! (Mini sessions are also good for a family of 4-5)
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