March 31, 2011

baby {lifestyles}

I was featured at Baby Lifestyles
Button's nursery was featured over at Baby Lifestyles! Such a great site, check it out here.

Buttons has been smiling a lot lately which is totally making up for all the sleepless nights....maybe. We love her lots! She's growing up too fast. Thanks Melina Moore for the pic!

Have a great Thursday!

March 29, 2011

point of {view} SKIRTS featured!

Thanks to every one that linked up for the skirt party, you are awesome. There were so many good ones, but here are my favorites:

Can you believe this skirt was once a man's old shirt? Awesome. Sisters of the Wild West show you how to make the ruffled skirt from an old shirt, so check it out!
Want a great project to do with your girls? $500 Wedding shows you how to make a skirt for Barbie from a sock. Seriously, a sock.

This cute polka dot skirt for an old utility sink by Organizing Made Fun is such a great idea. It makes such a fun pop in the laundry room.

Thanks again to everyone who linked up! Next months theme is SPRING. So get those projects going and there will be a linky party on the 4th Friday again! Be sure to grab your featured on POV button! Can't wait till next month's POV!

March 25, 2011

point of {view} SKIRTS!

So excited to show this month's projects!

#1- A terrific child skirt  from Amy at Ameroonie Designs
#2- A great bed skirt and pocket organizer from Michelle at A Little Tipsy
#3- A detachable coat skirt from Camilla at Rosy Red Buttons (me!)
#4- A fun A-line skirt from Stacy at Not JUST a Housewife
#5- A darling spring skirt from Gwen at Gwenny Penny
#6- A oh so cute ruffled skirt from Jonie at Just Between Friends

Such a great set of projects! Check out the links for tutorials!
My project this month was a Detachable Coat Skirt.
Originally I was going to say my inspiration was a tree skirt since you can change it out, but since that pretty much makes as much sense as Darth Vader ballet dancing, I'll just say my inspiration was this picture of a coat I found on the Internet about two minutes ago: 
I guess it's almost true, since I have seen some pretty coats. Yea. So cool. I've loved the fancy coats I've been seeing around but did not have the large financial budget necessary to purchase one. I also wanted one that was still versatile and could be un- fancy if needed. So I thought, what makes a girl fancy? A skirt. What could make a coat fancy? A skirt. Such deductive logic.
So I set out to make a detachable skirt for my coat that's now a little over three years old and I wanted to spruce it up. (You know what my biggest pet peeve is? An uncalibrated lens that makes photos fuzzy...) Anyways, I measured the hem of the coat to know how wide the skirt would need to be. Then I measured on my own leg where I wanted it to hit so I knew how long it would need to be.

I cut the strips twice as long as I wanted it to hit. I just did a black broadcloth, but any fabric you want will work. I also have some grey and white toille I plan on making for this as well. I folded them in half and then seamed the edge. I seamed the ends and then began to pleat the strips.
I would have done the same with some lace material I got on clearance from Walmart. However I just folded it in half like I did with the first but instead of pleating it, I folded it over the black strips.
Occasionally I'd also glance at my daughter and feel a little guilty the blanket was feeding her. For a second. It passed.

Then I sewed the two on top of each other. I began to hand sew some hooks to the inside of the coat, and some eyes to the 'skirt'.

And voila. A removable skirt for your coat. And super easy! It's great this way too because I didn't have to worry about sewing through the thick wool of my peacoat, and I can interchange with other frill skirts like the grey toille one I plan to make. Some day.

I am a know what I mean? Ha ha NOT.  I also added a detachable rosette made from the same lace- just folded a strip in half, baste stitched, and then gathered it. Then I wrapped it in a rosette sort of shape and glued it to a felt back. Since I didn't have a broach pin to glue it onto, I glued it to a safety pin. I'm cool like that.

 Know what else was detachable? My wedding train. I designed it that way... apparently I just love hooks and eyes... ;)

Happy Friday!

Now it's your turn. The link party this month will be hosted at Not JUST a Housewife here! Go link up your skirt projects- they can be past projects as well! Then come check out all the blogs to see if you have been featured!

March 23, 2011

wednesdays of {whimsy}

Ack! Is it Wednesday already? Now that my to do list usually consists of feed the baby, burp the baby, change the baby, love the baby, play with the baby, feed the baby, feed the hubby and change the baby some more, my days are really flying. Notice cleaning is no where in there, because I've pretty much thrown that out the window. So for now, check out these awesome projects I hope to some day attempt! Maybe. They'll go somewhere between feed and change the baby.
Isn't this nursery wall art from Kara's Korner so incredibly lovely?! I think I would sit and look at it much more than the baby would. It's great too because it totally grows with them. I heart.  
When I was dating my now hubby he confessed to me he was a huge nerd. Immediately I thought of some black cape with a light saber tucked away in the back of his closet. However, his nerdiness pertained to video games which is in fact truth, he is a nerd. I'm not going to lie though, I was mildly disappointed when it wasn't star wars- because I secretly heart it. So these light saber pretzel rods from The Cellar Door Stories are pretty much the best. What little boy wouldn't want these at his party??

Want to see the easiest wall art ever? Done. This Styrofoam wall art from Hill Country Homebody are seriously so simple, but such a great idea! Cheap? Check. Easy? Check. On the to do list? Check.

Have a great Wednesday! I love perusing the net for these and having them emailed. Thanks for those who have sent in great projects, if you are interested in having yours featured, email me at Feel free to grab a button!

Oh, and don't forget to come back Friday to see 'Point of View' skirt projects and to get the link where you can go link yours up and get featured!

March 16, 2011

wednesdays of {whimsy}

So I dusted off my sewing machine and used it for the first time yesterday since a few week's before Button's arrival. I'm not going to lie, it was AWESOME. Mostly I kind of felt guilty because Button is a little fussy/cholicy/refluxy ALL THE TIME so I let a bottle and blanket propping it feed her while I crafted. It was that or throw myself into the trash bin outside, so I opted for the former. I was working on my skirt project and a few others I hope to have up soon. Till then, check out these AWESOME projects (p.s. I like the word awesome):

Aren't these Tissue Paper Cherry Blossoms from Sarahndipities awesome?? These are so going in Button's nursery.

I'm a sucker for anything 'owlish' and these darling softies from Perfect Chance Memories are no exception. I especially love that they are completely vintage- made from her Grandmother's old fabric.

 Um, heck yes. This darling button egg on burlap idea from Auntie Lolo Crafts is spectacular! Mostly because it's made of buttons. Which I love. Always. It just inspired me to do something similar...but with a bird. Just great!

Thanks for your awesome projects, be sure to grab a button. I love scoring around for ideas and seeing the ones that have been sent in. Happy Wednesday!

March 08, 2011

baby blessing {dress}

We blessed Button at our church on Sunday and it was a great day! I wanted to make her dress, so my mom came down and we set to work. The pattern is one that my mom used to make my blessing dress, so I'm pretty sure no one makes it anymore. :) I had my wedding dress made and so the material is left over from my wedding dress:

I altered the sleeves so they were half sleeves rather than full, then added ruffle layers down the front. It was a project, but I learned a lot.

(This is her monkey face. Blanket by Sweet Kiwi Crochet)

Sorry no tutorial since it was a pattern, but if anyone wants a tut on the ruffle layers or half sleve with ruffle, I'm happy to oblige. I also made the head band out of the same material. Happy Tuesday!

Linking up to THESE parties this week.

March 07, 2011

point of {view}

SOOOOO excited to announce a new project/feature every month that I get to be apart of! It's called Point of View: A Creative Collaboration and it will pretty much rock the shizzle. Ha ha I was so born in the eighties. The 5 amazing ladies I get to work with are:

Stacie of Not Just a Housewife
Jonie of Just Between Friends
Amy of Ameroonie Designs
Michelle of A Little Tipsy
Gwen of Gwenny Penny
Camilla of Rosy Red Buttons (me!)

You should totally check out their blogs because there are some seriously awesome crafts/projects going on in there.

How it works: Every month there will be a theme that we all craft to, thus 'Point of View' or our take on the theme. Everyone has free reign as long as it some how fits within the theme.

When it happens: The 4th Friday of every month we will post our tutorial on the theme, as well as a link to everyone else's take. The best part?? We want you to be involved too!! There will be a link party that weekend where we will all be able to link our take on the theme also!

So to start it off: this month's theme is SKIRTS. Use a pattern, make one up, refurbish an already made one, add something to a skirt, make a kid skirt or doll skirt, WHATEVER, it really doesn't matter as long as it fits the theme. Then come back and link up your tutorial on MARCH 25.  There will be directions for the link party. Then come back after that to see if you are featured! I can't wait for this! I have a pretty fun idea for skirts, so hopefully you will like it! So get crackin on those skirts, I know there will be some amazing projects out there.

Have a very Happy Monday!!
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