September 27, 2011

point of view {fall} featured!

Hope you all had an amazing weekend! Thanks to everyone who linked up over at the link party for Fall POV! You are all awesome and there were so many fun projects. Loved the patchwork mug rugs from Living My Sweet Life. Seriously so cute! Go check them out, they are awesome.

Thanks again to everyone, have a great Tuesday! 

September 23, 2011

point of view {FALL}!!

Oh hey! It's me! Remember me?! No? Oh.... *awkwardly walks away*

It's time for POV! I love this time of year and wish Fall would SLOW down because here in Utah it doesn't last long. The theme this month is FALL and there are some awesome projects so check them out! 

Easy ruffled leaf headband from Camilla at Rosy Red Buttons (you are here!)
Awesome silhouette art from Leanne at Organize and Decorate Everything
Beautiful candy apples from Michelle at A Little Tipsy
So cute bead board pumpkins from Amy at Ameroonie Designs
A fall porch design from Jonie at Just Between Friends
Darling wall decor from Stephanie at Always Just a Mom
Delicious and beautiful cookies at Gwenny Penny

I had a lot of fun with my project this month. I love the boho look that is going around and I love fall, so combining the two was just WONDERFUL. (creepy emphasis included)
I saw a crocheted headband a while back that had leafs one after another in it. I liked it, but thought it would be so much cuter if it had some dimension and pattern to it. So I picked out some materials I had in my stock and got to work. 

 I didn't pick traditional fall colors because I wanted something a bit different for the leaves. I picked a vintage floral fabric and a dark brown floral fabric. Both were on clearance at Walmart. I stop by that isle every time I'm in there because chances are there will be something great. Walmart really doesn't know whats awesome, so they put it on clearance. I cut a leaf pattern out of it...double sided. Originally I was going to sew the two pieces together wrong sides and flip them right side out. You can do that, but I wanted a more unfinished look to the edges when they wear a bit. 
 Sew a basting stitch through the middle and then gather with bobbin thread. My first one I didn't back stitch at all, but I found it easier to gather them if I back stiched at the top and then left it open to gather at the bottom. 
 Sew the ruffle into the leaf permanently, back stitching at both ends now. 
 And here you have some very lovely ruffled leaves. 
 I had some cream elastic lying around so I measured it around my own head. I pride myself for having a very average head. Sew the ends, back stiching. I sewed over the end three times to be sure it stays. 
 Now cut a rectangle out of felt and arrange your leaves how you would like them to look. I then sewed the stem end of each 'leaf' to the felt. I left the other end hanging so it would have a bit of movement in it. 
 At this point you can glue your felt and leaves to the headband, but I wanted mine to be interchangeable. So I pulled out a clip from some I got at Hobby Lobby and clipped a small piece of felt.  (On a side note, you know what I love about blurred backgrounds? It makes clutter look beautiful. I wish my whole house could be seen through a lens...)
 I then glued the entire back of the felt and clip...
 ...and pressed that into the felt backing the leaves. Technically you can do this straight onto the headband, but I wanted it to be interchangeable. 
 And Voila! Clip it to the headband and you're done. You can make other colors if you glue them to clips and use the same headband. 
 Your next step is to head on over to your darling neighbors house because heaven knows she looks way better in the morning than I do. ;) Big thanks to K for humoring me. :) The great thing about the headband is it can be boho chic...
 ...or only a hair clip...
 ...or a normal headband! 

So go make your own! And link them back! I'd love to see them.

And are you ready for the link party?? Tell your friends to join! The theme is FALL and any project under that category or mildly pushing the lines of that category goes. :)

Go LINK UP at Gwenny Penny HERE. Can't wait to see your projects!

And come back for the features next week. Have a great weekend!! 
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