August 03, 2010

an office {paint-over}

When we bought our home, most everything was painted neutral. Except this room. Starch hospital white wasn't really working. After purchasing some Ikea desks, and some goodwill chairs, we decided it was time to paint. We bought less expensive Walmart brand paint called Verde Antique.
My husband does the work...

...and I take funny pictures of myself. Seems like a fair trade.

The initial completeness. The color really warmed it up, or brought it together, or whatever, but you can see the serious lack of shelf/drawer space in the desks. This turned into a problem rather quickly.

So completeness number two. We bought a couple of cheapo walmart shelves for $15 and some canvas baskets on clearance at Lowes and gave myself some much needed de-clutter room. Because my desk would get...sick. I also opted for a simpler wall photo collage because the other one just added to the clutter, despite being some fun work from my day job. Oh and the dried roses are sentimental. I'm a sucker, but I can't get rid of them.

The closet door shuts now and is no longer barfing out its contents. *sigh of relief*

And hubby lost half of his desk to my new sewing endeavors. Poor hubby. And you know the saying, do what you can with what you have? Well maybe that's a saying. Besides the desks and the shelves, this room is a prime example of that. You'll also notice my frames and chairs don't match exactly. I think it brings character and dimension to a room. My neighbor, who got her degree in Interior design agrees. Shazam.

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