August 03, 2010

i want...

To make these:

Ruffle Butt Onesie

Burp Cloths

Pacifier Clips
Anthro Pillowcase
Car Seat Tent

Boppy Pillow

High Chair Cover

Laminated Bib

Nursing Cover

Baby Leggings

Quiet Books

Paper Wreath

Ruffle Skirt

Baby Sling

Ruffled Peplum Skirt


jhjonze said...

So hi, I just saw this and if you are going to try and make a car seat tent and want to get super creative... I vote you try and make one like JJ Cole sells. I'm sure it is more difficult, but you can figure it out and I promise it is fabulous. Sister-in-law just got one and it's the best because it doesn't blow in the wind... I think you could revolutionize the blogging world here...

Jami said...

I made a car seat tent for my little L... I made it reversible because I loved both fabrics so much :D. It was super easy and I've loved having it!

Jami said...

Okay so I realized that I already commented once... and was the previous commentor (is that a word?)... haha but I know how precious time is with a new wee one, and how invaluable quick and easy things to make can be... so I figured out a way to make baby legs EASY! you can go here for one way ... but then the other way is just this... take a pair of crew socks... but off the toes (morbid sounding)you can sew a hem if you want... but not necessary... then sew the heel shut and there ya go! done! I like to do them this way because they end up being longer than some out there... so the baby doesn't grow out of them in 2 weeks:D

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