August 30, 2010

brown {beauty}- Felt Flower Wreath

So I've had this wreath for a while. It started with us over at our first apartment. Almost two years ago. Quite literally the ribbon was off some of our wedding gifts. The large grape vine wreath was around $3 at Walmart. I'm cheap.
I've been meaning to do something different, because not only does the wreath blend right into the door, but the gold ribbon was only a 'little' tacky. But again, I'm cheap.
I finally bought some spraypaint for $0.99 to paint the wreath because I had seen some felt flowers that I LOVED on a headband. And I thought they would be oh so cute on a wreath. I'm pretty sure this is not an original idea, but hey, we'll go with it. I spray painted the wreath white, but only enough to give it more of an antique'y look rather than full on white.
I tried first cutting smaller circles with the bottom of a glass, but decided the cd would give a little more of the size I wanted. So I traced it onto a 1/2 yard of felt that I had bought at Walmart. For all I needed, I didn't even use more than a third, making the felt about 75 cents.
I cut the cd circles into a spiral and wrapped the long piece into the rose form. I put a little glue at the end to hold it together enough to put on the wreath. Some of the longer spirals I cut in half, and other roses I used smaller circles to give different size dimensions.
When I had as many as I wanted, I placed them on the wreath till I liked them.
Then just put a generous amount with your hot glue gun to make them stay.
I also put a little wheat to add a little color and variety. It seemed like the crafty thing to do.
Happy Monday!

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