January 12, 2011

wednesdays of {whimsy}

Love this tea party table idea from Sweet and Lovely Crafts, mostly because those side table are only $7 at IKEA. What a great idea!

This jersey scarf from Peas and Crayons is super cute and SO easy. It's for sure going on the to do list.

Love these 'wannabe' window dividers from Being Grown Up. I can imagine them going other places besides the window... like between my husband and I on the bed. Seriously. Doesn't he understand I'm a human incubator and his body heat the temperature of the center of the earth cuddling during the night doesn't work? :) But seriously, I love those dividers, so cute!

Be sure to grab your featured buttons, and thanks for being so darn creative!  And if I seem a little MIA over the next week or so its because I am heading into the last leg of pregnancy and if lucky am in the hospital getting the little one here. :)  Happy Wednesday!
Questions or Ideas? Email me at rosyredbuttons@gmail.com.


sweet & lovely crafts said...

Thanks so much for featuring my tea party table! What a lovely way to start my day!

Jennifer said...

Thanks girl!!!!! This made my day! =)

You're going to LOVE the scarf! It's an old dress/t-shirt well spent... er... shredded!

I think I may make another one today! in all black so it can match everything! <3

Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

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