January 14, 2011

Friday {Flip}

Today I'm excited to start a new game on Rosy Red Buttons. (Ok, I confess it's really not a game, but a blog swap, but calling it a game makes it SO much cooler...) I'm super excited to have Charlie from Attempting Aloha today to take over my blog and amaze you. Because she is amazing. Check her out! Here she is:

Aloha! Welcome to beautiful Oahu. It's sunny and in the 80's today, so pull up a beach towel and play in some waves!
I started my Attempting Aloha blog in October of last year as a way to help me think through the many home renovation projects we have going on in our $.5 mil+ (I'll round down to keep you from having a heart attack from sticker shock at our prices here) 3 bedroom, 1600 sq ft., foreclosure fixer upper. But then I started leaking my crazy crafting endeavors into the blog as well, and it's just been a blast getting to know so many fun bloggers.

If you've ever been to Oahu, you probably experienced the Aloha Stadium Swap Meet. Over 500 vendors with flowers, shells, swimsuits, and all kinds of other wonderful treasures. So in honor of one of my favorite places to spend my leisure time here, I've started Swap 'n' Meet Saturdays! This is my way of getting to know other blog readers and to give my poor readers a break and let them get to know someone new. ;)

As a newbie blogger, I get so excited when I think I have a truly original idea pop up or a knock-off no one has attempted yet. Then I met Camilla and her blog. At first I thought she was stealing my ideas and not giving me credit, and I was a little miffed...then I noticed the dates, and some of them were posted before mine! It was so hilarious!Then I just had a blast looking through her blog and seeing so many things I've either done similarly or have plans to do shortly. We became "kindred spirits" as my other bff Anne (ya know, of Green Gables) would say.
Here are what the Attempting Aloha lovelies are loving the most:
My personalized PB Union Station knock-off clock made from a sad little $3 Walgreens clock:

This set off a chain of clock designs (some of which I still have yet to post!!).

Personalized teacher subway art clock I made for my daughter's teacher at Christmas. :)

And, of course, since I have girls, there's bound to be frilly stuff around. Like my version of the PB Kids lamp (which was also the inspiration for Camilla's nursery lamp!).

And because I'm just a drippy, sentimental kinda gal (don't even get me started on Hallmark commercials...), I went and made a pillow out of my wedding dress and one of my husband's white button-up Sunday shirts. This one was a top 10 pick at the CSI Project in last week's "white" theme.

So if you love girly and ruffles, come check out my blog. There seems to be a lot of ruffles and flowers going on around our house lately!There's also a lot of hammers, nailguns, drills, and other things most girly girls don't dare tackle! And I desperately need help making some decisions along the way, so if you like to put in your 2 cents, I'm in need of those kinds of friends!!

As a special treat for Rosy Red Buttons readers, I'd love to offer free personalization on any of the clocks on my blog to the first 15 readers to leave a comment. And if you're feeling the aloha, go ahead and check out my site when you get a chance! We love tourists. ;)


Thanks again Charlie for being here and what an awesome deal! You pretty much rock the world. Go and follow her here, she has amazing ideas!  
If you are interested in being apart of Friday Flip and blog swap with me, email me at rosyredbuttons@gmail.com. I'd LOVE to flip with you. Hahahah I crack myself up. But seriously, let's swap! Happy Friday!


Rebecca said...

I wish I lived in Hawaii...I wish I had free personalization for a cool clock like Charlie's Union Station clock...better yet, I wish I had a house in Hawaii with the clock in it! Rebecca

Lauren said...

I am a brand new follower and I've only gotten to the first post! I may be here all morning checking out all your great posts. So glad I found your blog.


lacycox said...

How cute! I wish I was in Oahu right now, I need some warmth! I love your site and also Rosy Red Buttons :)


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