January 04, 2011

everyday {lettering}

 I am so excited to introduce my newest sponsor Heather from Everyday Lettering! I absolutely LOVE her product and can't believe how creative she is. She is the mom of a darling boy and a wife to a hubby who rocks out in a band, how cool is that! On top of that, she is a very talented photographer, thus the genius behind Everyday Lettering.
  Everyday letters are images that Heather has created out of things that you see everyday in life. It makes such a beautiful statement piece when entering a room that can be customized in any way you want. Heather offers the images on their own individual blocks......or on a full board. It comes all ready to put out when you get it!
Heather also offers the images separately, so for all you DIY'ers out there you can make them into anything you want! Images can be framed, hung on string, etc, etc. There are also TONS of options for each letter so you can truly customize the word or name however you want. I have seen custom image art like this go for as much as $30 a letter, so you either have to break the bank for the family name, or get super creative with the word 'Hi'. Heather offers this beautiful product at an EXTREMELY affordable price so you can do lots of words! Be sure to check out all she has to offer at Everyday Lettering.

The best part? Heather will be doing a giveaway of a fully customized letter set to one lucky reader this Friday on Rosy Red Buttons! This would make such a great Valentines, Mothers Day, or Birthday Gift! (Or for you extreme planners, Christmas is only 11.5 months away...) So be sure to come back and visit to find out how you can win!
Thanks Heather for being so darn awesome!! Be sure to check back Friday!


Anonymous said...

I am going to have to show my daughter that post because she is big into photography...they are pretty neat.

PEACHES said...

!!!!SPLENDID!!! what a great idea. I'm going to have to try my own variation. Thanks for sharing :)

jhjonze said...

Thanks so much! I'm excited!

The SPANGLER said...

How absolutely FANTASTIC - love it!
Off to follow you around now :)

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