November 17, 2010

epic {fail}

Sometimes I get really awesome ideas. Around 1:00 in the morning. Usually it would be a pain getting ideas that early, but I get so excited I forget that logically most ideas that come at 1:00 just really aren't that good. I even made a tutorial on this idea. Then I got to the end. And chuckled. Then laughed a little because of the outright badness. And then I put it on the couch because I'm too lazy to make something else. And really, the ugly duckling now holds a place in my heart. And it's not too bad... just for sure makes it to the failometer. So here is the rosette pillow I so awesomely thought of at one in the morning. Who wouldn't think that toile, tulle, and burlap would make an awesome combo? I mean seriously.
I had some old pillows laying around. So I cut two squares out of toile about 1/2 inch bigger than my pillow form. I then sewed them together in preparation for putting in the pillow until I realized I needed to put the rosette on one side before I could do that. Commence un picking. And no, this isn't my first rodeo, I just have a seriously pregnant brain.
I started with a layer of tulle. It was leftover from the center pieces at my wedding, so it's a little sentimental, hence, I couldn't throw away 12 yards of red tulle. Sad, I know. To make the ruffle I cut a strip about 5" wide, folded it in half and then sewed the two edges with a basting stitch. Commence gathering. I like the word commence.
I also did that with the burlap, but no ruffling because the material was so thick. Instead I folded it into a octagonal shape (is that a word?) and pinned and sewed the edge. At this point I kind of liked it; it actually looked pretty cool.
This is where the epic fail sets in. I had a big hole I needed to fill in the middle that I thought the tulle would be great for. Wrong. You can see through tulle. Duh. I should have used the toile. It would have looked a lot better. But by the time I came to that conclusion I was way too 'I don't care' to turn back. So I sewed another ruffle in the middle. It didn't make it all the way, and I really didn't want to have to sew another layer of tulle. So I found some gray suede. I thought I love gray! I'm sure it will look good. Oh boy.
And here it is in its glory.
In the grand scheme of things its not too bad, but next time I'm whipping out more toile. You will also notice my living room has undergone another transformation, from this post which I think is here to stay, except for the addition of some creme pieces with the dark ones. I just sometimes have the habit of seeing a fabric I love and then thinking it should be all over my house when my style can be WAY too traditional for that. Yikes. I'd love to see if you make a rosette pillow using burlap! Message me your link! Happy Wednesday!


Beth @ Sand To Pearl said...

I love the 1 am ideas! I also think it's funny when I put them together and they actually work.

Wendy said...

So do you make these 1am ideas at 1am or save them until the morning?

Camilla Jones (CioCo Photography) said...

lol, I definitely save them after I drag myself out of bed and get the 'necessities' done... lol.

Attempting Aloha said...

Did this one in early November as a tester (out of linen):

And just made this one out of my wedding dress and my husband's white button-up shirt:

Your idea would have been perfect! Just needs a few more layers (packed in closer)! ;)

The similarities continue...


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