October 26, 2010

two {down}!

So I'm officially into the third trimester...hallelujah!! Besides not being able to sleep and feeling a lot like death, things are great! lol. No, I really do feel so blessed and grateful to be at this point and to dream about what our little button will look like. If she'll have dark hair, who she'll take after. I can't wait!

In the meantime, I have been doing A TON of projects in the home which I am super excited about. Here are some glimpses, and I'll blog more about the how tos later!

My favorite one of the nursery so far- hand painted murals. Except they won't go above the crib...just seeing how they'd look! And I'll also tell you how to do the board and batten look for super cheap.
My $1.00 salvation army find...spray painted of course.
My first recovery project. And I painted it.
New pillows? Yes please.
These are everywhere on blog land, but you can make your own hurricane for dirt cheap. This one cost me $0.45. Not kidding.
Sorry about the flash, cuz my wall is not orange. Some fall decor! (Those vases were .35 cents a piece...glass but spray painted black)
More dollar store fall decor! Not the painting. That for sure cost more than a dollar. :)

My first curtains attempt. This is part of a much larger project for door and window. Again sorry for the flash at night. And we're missing plate covers for the switches, we just painted. I'm loving the new color!

So excited for the projects coming up, including restoring a nightstand and dresser, making curtains for french doors, another table runner for the dining room, dish towels, Little Button's blessing dress, some blankets, some....

...You can just call me nesting. :) Happy Tuesday!

1 comment:

Rebecca said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the nursery. I am VERY IMPATIENTLY waiting for instructions on how to do the board and batten look. We are finally getting Carter's room done and I WANT THAT!!!

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