November 19, 2010

dollar store {table runner}

Right now at Dollar Tree they have table runners that are 72" long for $1.00. (Of course they are a dollar, it's dollar tree). I found them in the thanksgiving shelf they made in order to make room for the mounds of Christmas items. I picked up a couple because I figured they could be the base of something cooler. I needed a runner for my coffee table which is only about three-four feet wide so the runner was too long. I cut a section out near the end of the runner (it was all folded up to sell so I just followed two fold seams for the cuts). Then I sewed the two pieces back together with 1/4 inch seam and pressed it down. I then took the section I cut out and cut the two surged sides of it, and zig zag stitched the other sides, so I had two pieces about 3 inches wide. I then placed them over the seam I had just made, and folded them how I liked, pinned and sewed. I put the other one on a fold line on the other side just so they matched. So here is a revamped dollar store table runner, which I still can't believe I only spent a dollar on. Huzzah.
Sorry no tutorial on this one, please comment if you have any questions or thoughts, but I promise, it's simple! And if it's not...there's probably no way on earth I could have done it. ;) Have a great weekend, see you Monday!

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