November 22, 2010

patchwork {frame}

On a past thrifting outing at the DI (Utah Thrift Store) I found this wonderful little frame. I seriously sat for five minutes because even though I knew what I would do with it and saw it's potential, it was still $4.00. And I am CHEAP. So about five minutes later, I sighed, put it back and walked away. Then about five minutes after that I picked it back up and went to the check out before I could change my mind. A little pathetic? Maybe. But c'mon, it was $4.00, not my typical $.35.
Although the digital roses were, well, what they were, I knew the old paper HAD to go. So I ripped it and scraped it off. Well tried anyway, some was pretty cemented down, so I just gave up. I cut four coordinating colors of scrapbook paper and measured where I wanted them to go on the frame. I cut them to size then modgepodged over the old paper and frame to the size of each paper at a time. Once they were all down I modgepodged over the top and added a thin ribbon between each paper line.

So now I have a cute little 'patchwork' frame for the nursery! Super easy and *mostly* cheap. ;) What do you think? Happy Monday!

1 comment:

Mandi C said...

i play the pick up and put back game excessively. Glad I'm not alone :) I love the ribbon detail! Nice touch.

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