December 22, 2010

wednesdays of {whimsy}

I found some AWESOME projects this week that have gone on the to do list (the one that isn't crucial so mid april it will probably get done)

This beautiful wreath from A Very Dandoislion Life. I am a sucker for wreaths, especially paper wreaths, but don't usually make them if they are seasonal because I think its too much work. :) This could be great all year!

This awesome frame from Lemon Tree Creations. Love it! So cute for a little girl.

And finally, the terrific cookies from Ready, Set, Create. Was I the only kid that thought it was funny Frosty melted just so he would stop singing? Probably. Happy Wednesday!

1 comment:

Shawna said...

Oh WOW!! Thanks a ton for the feature! You have made my Wednesday before Christmas extra special. :-) Seriously though, thank you!

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