December 30, 2010

2 minute {curtains}

I can't believe its already Thursday. Where does the time go? I missed putting up whimsical Wednesday yesterday, but there were some awesome projects so they'll go up next week. I am almost finished with the nursery which means pictures will be coming soon! Yea! Ok, maybe that's more exciting for me than you but there ya go.
Thanks everyone who has commented on my latest projects, you totally make my day! And to all my new followers, you rock. Today I just wanted to quickly post about the EASIEST curtains you will ever make in your life. Or that have ever been made. Ever.

I bought two twin sheets for my husbands and I's Halloween costumes. We went as Aphrodite and Ares the God of War. Yep, here we are:

Such posers... and my husband will probably KILL me if he knows this is up here. Or be really proud of himself. I can't decide which. We had a picture together, but my husband gets bored like, well, like a 5 year old would and he had his costume off after 2 hours. So I was the only one in costume in the pic, which is lame.

So, ANYWAY, I had these leftover sheets from Halloween and decided they would probably do as panels for the nursery. Most sheets come with a wide casing at the top already so all I did was cut a slit on each side of the casing on the back side so the seam and front stay the same. Just cut the slit wide enough in the casing to go over the curtain rod. Then I just draped extra fabric from another project over the top to give it a slight more feminine look. I wanted the curtains to be white to keep the light fresh in the room. The sheets were $4 a piece at Walmart, which is a hecka ton cheaper than buying real curtains or buying the fabric. Plus I didn't really have to do anything, which is a major plus, and just my style... :)Can't get better than that!

Happy Thursday! Let me know what you think or if you have any questions! And I know that I post a TON of baby related things, so let me know if this helps!


Anonymous said...

You are very resourceful. Those turned out great! Can't wait to see pics of the room. : )

Unknown said...

I know you'll never believe me (or maybe you will by this point. Ha!) but I have a set of sheets just waiting to become the curtain over my girls' room closet! lol lol lol lol It just doesn't get any better.

The room is coming together great! excited to see it. Have you posted about a crib yet? Love to see your bedding choices. :)


jhjonze said...

So pretty and easy, and ps. this blog is awesome. I'm in love with the clock thing you did a while back, I'm just waiting to find the perfect piece of furniture to refinish and I'm in love with the rosette lamp. If I ever have a girl, her nursery may be an exact clone of yours. Hope you don't mind!

Unknown said...

You're right, pretty easy and cheap! It's a great idea. Thanks, I'll have to try that.


CraftyBrit said...

Totally love this, I'm totally doing it too! Thanks for sharing :)

Elizabeth said...

I was planning on using the same $4 walmart sheets for my little boy's bedroom curtains...and I'm so glad I read your post because it honestly hadn't occurred to me to just cut slits in the top casing! I would have made it way harder on myself...thanks so much for the idea, I'm totally going to steal it! :) Your nursery is adorable.

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