March 23, 2011

wednesdays of {whimsy}

Ack! Is it Wednesday already? Now that my to do list usually consists of feed the baby, burp the baby, change the baby, love the baby, play with the baby, feed the baby, feed the hubby and change the baby some more, my days are really flying. Notice cleaning is no where in there, because I've pretty much thrown that out the window. So for now, check out these awesome projects I hope to some day attempt! Maybe. They'll go somewhere between feed and change the baby.
Isn't this nursery wall art from Kara's Korner so incredibly lovely?! I think I would sit and look at it much more than the baby would. It's great too because it totally grows with them. I heart.  
When I was dating my now hubby he confessed to me he was a huge nerd. Immediately I thought of some black cape with a light saber tucked away in the back of his closet. However, his nerdiness pertained to video games which is in fact truth, he is a nerd. I'm not going to lie though, I was mildly disappointed when it wasn't star wars- because I secretly heart it. So these light saber pretzel rods from The Cellar Door Stories are pretty much the best. What little boy wouldn't want these at his party??

Want to see the easiest wall art ever? Done. This Styrofoam wall art from Hill Country Homebody are seriously so simple, but such a great idea! Cheap? Check. Easy? Check. On the to do list? Check.

Have a great Wednesday! I love perusing the net for these and having them emailed. Thanks for those who have sent in great projects, if you are interested in having yours featured, email me at Feel free to grab a button!

Oh, and don't forget to come back Friday to see 'Point of View' skirt projects and to get the link where you can go link yours up and get featured!


Lauren said...

What a beautiful alphabet wall! I love it.

jessica said...

Thanks for featuring my super easy wall art! Hope you can find time to try it yourself!

Kate Moore said...

Oh my, I love that alphabet wall art! What a cute idea for a child's room! Thanks for posting. That has gone on my kid's room idea list for sure :)

Jayna Rae said...

I TOTALLY have a nerd husband too. His is Star Wars and comics, and many other a nerdy thing, but not so much video games.

If you would like to see how nerdy he is, check this out:

angie said...

i'm so excited ~ thank you so much for featuring my light sabers!!!! :) i'm adding your featured button to my post & blog!

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