August 03, 2010

a {new} swan

I'm a big fan of KSL classified. Like a REALLY big fan. I hear Craigs list is also amazing. So many things from my house were bought off KSL. Our latest treasure: this solid oak, six chair set. Total beauty. Price tag for this baby: $75. I was ecstatic after hours (ok, maybe not hours) of perusing the site when I found it. We loaded it up that night and brought it home. Here's the problem. My husband and I are big dreamers. We have all kinds of plans. But not all kinds of time. So this little baby sat. For AWHILE. Until we attacked it one evening and seven hours one Saturday. We stripped and sanded the tables and chairs. Then stripped and sanded them some more.
Then we painted them brown. Then a thin coat of black to give them a slightly distressed feel, without being too obvious. We did the same to the base of the table, then sealed it. The top took the longest, because it had to be perfectly sanded. After acquiring such perfectness, we stained it a cherry color and then lacquered it.

And after a lot of grueling hours, and $20 worth of pain paint and supplies later, here is our $95 table set. Huzzah.

See the tile saw? Yea I promise its not a permanant fixture...basement is almost finished!


AJ and Kandice said...

I helped with this!!! I want to see it now that it's dry!

Camilla Jones (CioCo Photography) said...

It's true you did! You rock my socks. :) Come over!

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