February 23, 2011

wednesdays of {whimsy}

Love love this Crochet Ring Necklace from Little Treasures. I can't crochet to save my life, but I at least like to look at it! :) Such a great idea.
This sweet Rag Rug from Shabby Soul is just great. I looked forever for a rug for the nursery, but since my colors are pretty specific I found nothing that would work. I may just be making this. Love her color choice!
So when skinny jeans became popular again I resisted. Mostly because I was living in South America at the time and all the kids wearing them were a bunch of little punks. :) Coming back to the states I was surprised to find it had caught hold for all people, not just emo's. I am not a size 2, or anywhere close, *cough* so I waited. Then finally I bought a pair. And I LOVED them. So did my husband. Finding the right kind of jean to fit is hard, so this Tutorial from I'm Topsy Turvy is genius. Can't wait to try it!

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Shabby Soul said...

Thank you for featuring my rag rug! I am honored! I totally think you should make one, too!!

Little Treasures said...

Dear Camilla,
It was a fantastic surprise to see my necklace here on your blog and I thank you for the feature. I am about to discover your world. I just read that you don't crochet. I posted a no knit/no crochet tutorial for a choker/scarflette today I think you may like it! Drop by to see it yourself!
I am off to browse through your blog!

Jamie @ hands on : as we grow said...

You look awesome in the skinny jeans! I am still resisting and seeing your pic makes me want to take the plunge. But, what shoes do you wear with them? I can see heels... but I don't wear heels regularly... so what can I wear to pull it off?

Jayna Rae said...

That necklace is phenomenal, and a skinny jean tutorial would be great to check out. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

i too, resisted the skinny jeans at first and now that i'm embracing them... the flared jeans are coming back in. WHAT! fashion! I hate you. ;)

Ashlee @ I'm Topsy Turvy said...

Thanks for the feature! Let me know if you try out my skinny jean tutorial!

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