September 21, 2010

burp {cloths}

I found these on Ucreate by Jones' Company and knew I could probably attempt something that simple. :)

I used a simple flower pattern in black and white, a slate gray material like broadcloth and then pink terry cloth. I also wanted to spruce them up a little, so I added material flowers and ruffles on the gray ones using scraps from the first black/white flower set.
I figure everyone knows how to make a ruffle, but I just turned the edges in to finish them and then pulled the bobbin thread after sewing another line down the middle without back stitching.
I then just sewed over that line, placing the ruffle on the right side of the fabric where I wanted it.
Then I sewed the pink and gray together, right sides in, the ruffle being inside.
The flowers I just used long scraps and holding it in the middle, I folded around in a circle and then pinned it. I sewed in the middle using a star pattern- basically five lines that cross in the middle.
Super easy! I didn't sew an additional inside seam like she did because I liked them better with one. So cute. I'm excited to even use them, even though I know they won't be this cute for long. :)

Happy Tuesday!

1 comment:

Kimberlee said...

Those are very cute! You can never have too many burp clothes.

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